That's a great question...

Strite Finance was built soon after the emergence of non-fungible tokens. With the incredible hype behind these NFTs, Strite aims to connect yield staking with the new age of digital media.

To put it plain and simple, Strite envisions a strong connection with non-fungible tokens. This may include a public marketplace where individuals can buy & sell specific NFTs in a user-friendly manner.

Yield staking will also play a large role in the entire equation, potentially allowing for individuals to purchase NFTs where a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Our goal is to create a safe & friendly environment for investors, influencers, and ultimately the average person. With influencer marketing becoming a leading force in the digital marketing realm, we expect to take full advantage of this.

We're focusing on building relationships with influencers that will be able to create their own custom NFTs geared towards their audience. We aim to allow retail investors the opportunity to purchase these NFTs using STRITE tokens. A small percentage of each transaction will be deducted, with a majority of the funds going towards our charity of choice.